About us

Discover our mission, dedicated team, and collaborative approach towards advocating for human rights.

Discover our mission, dedicated team, and collaborative approach towards advocating for human rights.

Our Vision

We envisage a future in which all individuals can meaningfully belong, actively contribute, and appreciate their whole humanity in all its diversity and individuality.

Our Mission

Meaningful Access

We promote fair, equal, and meaningful access to justice for all LGBTIQ+ people


We advocate for just and equitable international laws, policies, and practices for LGBTIQ+ people

Amplifying Voices

We amplify LGBTIQ+ voices and prioritize their freedoms as outlined by international human rights standards

Safe platform

We create diverse and inclusive spaces that better reflect how our world looks like

Our Values

We celebrate what makes us different and have no tolerance for discrimination
We uphold professionalism, honesty, and fairness in everything we do; we believe that effective legal services are essential to put the needs of our community first
We are driven by our passion for equality and commitment to human rights

Pillars of Work

Impact Ligitation

We offer legal counsel and representation on issues impacting the lives, dignity, and liberties of LGBTIQ+ individuals.


We advocate for law and public policy reforms at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure LGBTIQ+ individuals are protected and able to live freely and fully as themselves.

Legal education for the public

We educate and train the public about LGBTIQ+ advocacy and their legal and constitutional rights.

Our Team

Andi Suraidah


Andi is the Founding Director of Legal Dignity and a feminist activist, prioritizing gender equality, religious pluralism, and fundamental liberties. She is also the co-founder of Jurnal Sang Pemula, a group of young writers who critique the status quo and advocate for social justice.

She is an alumni of the YSEALI Professional Fellowship in 2018 and a current member of the International Advisory Committee for the Power of Pride Alliance.

A world in which everyone is able to live with dignity is what drives her commitment to advocacy and public legal education.   

Azura is wearing black jacket with brown shirt. She is crossing her arms



Azura is a passionate advocate, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Malaya. With her comprehensive understanding of societal issues, she has served as the chair of the student organization Gerakan Pembebasan Akademik where she promotes academic freedom. 

As a founding member of Rekod Media and Co-Founder of Jurnal Sang Pemula, she fights and advocates for marginalized communities on a daily basis.

Yaya wearing sleeveless black tshirt



Yaya is a spreadsheet enthusiast, having worked in finance, auditing, and accounting since obtaining their ACCA degree from BPP University.

A staunch advocate for Malaysia’s queer community, Yaya started their work in the corporate world, witnessing the disparity between those in power and the marginalised. Besides their commitment to equity, a good cup of coffee and capturing the beauty of nature with their camera also motivates them.

Our Collaborators

Fir is wearing checkered dress



Fir is an independent consultant, specializing in children’s rights and protections against sexual violence. She founded Monsters Among Us (MAU), Malaysia’s first youth-led child sexual abuse prevention NGO. She also serves as the interim President of Protect and Save the Children, a child rights NGO that provides educational tools and capacity building for adults to combat child sexual violence.

Prior to this, she was a Programme Officer with ARROW’s Information and Communications team, fighting for gender equality and against the harmful practice of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C).

Adila is wearing blue shirt

Adila Ali​


Adila Ali is a dedicated gender and human rights consultant with over six years of experience in social sustainability, gender-based violence, capacity development, and stakeholder management. Her passion for promoting social justice and gender equality led her to pursue a Bachelor of Laws degree from Universiti Teknologi MARA, where she gained a strong foundation in legal principles related to human rights and gender issues.

Adila is currently working with Kemban Kolektif, a w*men-owned consultancy firm that shares her commitment to empowering women and promoting inclusivity in the workplace. Together with the team at Kemban Kolektif, Adila is dedicated to helping organizations build more equitable and sustainable workplaces, and to fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity in all areas of life.